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Fates And Furies Book Club

A marriage is its own enclosed universe, and no one except the two people within it can know its complexities, from its wordless shorthand and built-up resentments to its ingrained loyalty and. Fates and Furies, which just made the longlist for the National Book Award, is tinged with Shakespearean tragedy revived in modern America (it […]

You Re The Poetry Man

Edgardo Aguilar: I wouldn’t say poetry became a big passion for me. DW: Are there any other lyrics that you’re loving right now? EA: Oh man, there are so many right now, but I’m thinking of one. “Anytime you’ve got room to improve but you’re still getting dubs, it’s great for the team. Tyler Lockett […]

Collection Of Poems Underlined Or Italicized

Quotation marks or italics are not required for articles, webpages, songs, episodes, etc. Think of it this way: if the source is a collection of smaller sources or. Italicized Title. Publisher, Publication Year. The full citation might look like this: Sparks, Nicholas. The Notebook. Warner Books, 1996. If there is a subtitle, place it after […]

The Norton Anthology Of Modern And Contemporary Poetry

The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Volume 2: Contemporary Poetry, edited by Jahan Ramazani, Richard Ellmann, and Robert O’Clair Patrick Kavanagh, great and titanically angry Irish poet, was born in 1904, and while the Celtic Renaissance was still going on as he came of age, he thought it was all a bunch of […]

Thank You For Loving Me Poem For Him

Edith Hamilton Mythology Book Online "In life God doesn’t give you the people you want, instead He gives you the people you need. To teach you, to hurt you, to love you, and make you exactly the way you should be.". "I’m constantly looking at plots for movies, books, games, and shows and assessing them. […]