Jim Henson’s Storyteller Greek Myths

Jim Henson’s iconic 80s anthology series The Storyteller is eyeing a comeback. Micheal Gambon was the Storyteller for Greek Myths. I’d love to see someone like Michael Sheen take the title.

JIM HENSONS THE Storyteller: Greek Myths (DVD, 2004) / Rare/ LIKE NEW – $15.00. JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER GREEK MYTHS FAST FREE 1-4 DAY SHIPPING One of Jim Henson’s finest hours was the "Storyteller" series that aired on HBO in 1987. As with his other non-Muppet creations ("Labyrinth"), Henson fills the screen with wonderful creatures that have a wisp of a J.R.R. Tolkien.

As someone who has a great affinity for Greek mythology, I thought I would try to write. It was while re-watching an old.

Apr 04, 2019  · The Storyteller: Greek Myths (4 x 30’, excluding the United States): Starring Michael Gambon in the title role, this spin-off series features a new Storyteller who finds himself trapped with his.

The Storyteller originally aired in 1988 and used Henson’s puppetry with John Hurt’s wonderful performance as the titular storyteller to bring to life ancient and forgotten folktales to life. It was followed by The Storyteller: Greek Myths , with Michael Gambon replacing Hurt.

The Best ’80s Fantasy Live Action Series: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller You can’t. Other Recommendations: The Storyteller has a follow-up series subtitled Greek Myths, which is also available on.

In 1987, his series ”The Storyteller. stars are from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in London whose handiwork ranges from Ralph Fiennes’s mask of scars in ”The English Patient” to the chatty.

"JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER" comes out as a two-disc DVD set (Sony Pictures, $19.94) on Tuesday. That means nine fairy tales (including one that asks whether a king will marry his beautiful daughter.

You know, the Greek myth about the. and THE STORYTELLER, so we brought them back in all-new hardcover editions. Now, here they are all in one set for the first time ever. WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: We.

Some favorite myths and stories are the subject of ”The Storyteller,” an HBO series combining live action with puppetry, which is some of Jim Henson’s last work. It kicks off with four GREEK MYTHS,

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Jun 21, 2014  · Spoiler-free Review of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: The complete run of nine episodes of the show, plus four more episodes of Greek Myths (in which the Storyteller was played by Michael Gambon) aired in the late 90’s on HBO, but I never saw them. I had to wait for these to come out on dvd in 2003. But it’s probably better this way, since once you’ve seen one episode you can’t wait to start.

The story was even dramatised by Jim Henson, who (between Muppets) made The Storyteller, a series of Greek myths, in 1990, starring Michael Gambon as a teller of tales. In this version, Orpheus was.

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He penned episodes of detective drama “Inspector Morse” and high school series “Grange Hill,” and created the Jim Henson miniseries “The Storyteller: Greek Myths.” “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” his 1990.

jim henson’s the storyteller (3 cd / 1500 edition) (cd) Composed by: Rachel Portman Available for the first time on April 27th is the soundtrack to Jim Henson’s The Storyteller with music by Academy award winning composer Rachel Portman.

Not long before his death, Jim Henson was asked why he often appeared in public. most significant experience as the force behind such TV series as "The Storyteller" and "Greek Myths." Since both.

In the meantime, he also took on work for the Jim Henson Company (filming an episode each for its Storyteller and Storyteller: Greek Myths series) and expanded the breadth and focus of his Paul.

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If you don’t love Jim Henson, then you must hate joy itself. Dark Crystal made sometime before the end of the world. Greek Myths ran for only four episodes in 1990 and featured a new Storyteller.

This highly requested soundtrack will be in a lavish 3 CD box set and will include music not only from The Storyteller, but also music from Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Greek Myths. Limited to 1500 units.

then worked closely with Jim Henson for 10 years in London as associate producer of The Dark Crystal, co-creator and producer of cult HBO series Fraggle Rock, and producer of Anthony Minghella’s award.

They recall the hybridized monsters of the Ancient Greek world, complicated in appearance and lineage, who harassed the heroes of myth and bedeviled contemporary. whole host of monster-protagonists.

Daedalus was a skillful architect, inventor, and master craftsman. Daedalus lived with his son Icarus. Daedalus was embarrassed and frustrated by his clumsy son and took on.

Sep 27, 2011  · Despite my love of Jim Henson, I never did watch his Storyteller series. I’ve made up a bit for that now with this collection of retold myths and legends by various artists and writers. Some of the stories are familiar, with new twists, while some might be a little more off the wall or new, depending on your background and upbringing.

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. unseen works by the late Jim Henson as the cable channel revives two series — "Jim Henson’s The Storyteller" and "Jim Henson’s Greek Myth" (6:30 p.m. Monday). The shows include a lost episode of.

Below, ten of the most wonderfully weird works from the sometimes-twisted mind of Jim. Henson created this series of his interpretations of classic European folk tales (like those of the Grimm.

Feb 21, 2019  · Partnering with the most renowned family entertainment production company in the world, The Jim Henson Company, and with award-winning author Neil Gaiman writing and executive producing, Fremantle today announced that the company is developing a reimagined version of Jim Henson’s iconic 80’s anthology series The Storyteller for television.

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Feb 19, 2019  · The Storyteller. was an anthology show created by Jim Henson that aired in 1987 and used actors and puppets to tell strange and obscure folk tales. It ran for 9 episodes, with a 4-episode “Greek Myths” spinoff, and won a BAFTA and an Emmy for its trouble.

The former are both anthologies, a collection of stories inspired by Jim Henson’s Storyteller, and one inspired by the. you’ve worked a lot with Greek Mythology, what makes this take different? NC:.

The Storyteller, shown in 1988, starred John Hurt as the Storyteller and with the help of Jim Henson’s Workshop of muppets, More actors, voices and costumes as well as visual effects, brought a new dimension to television. Nine stories were shown in this series, which was followed a few years later by Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Greek Myths.

Anthony Minghella, who has died aged 54 in hospital. mainly editing scripts for Grange Hill, and writing for Jim Henson’s puppet series The Storyteller: Greek Myths, and Inspector Morse. At the.

The Next Generation and Jim Henson’s The Storyteller all becoming available. The service already offers Starz originals such as drama trio Power, Outlander and American Gods. Spanish-language content.

The release contains music from JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER and its spinoff series, JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER: GREEK MYTHS, a 32-page booklet of exclusive interviews with the producers of the series and Portman herself, and a collection of behind-the-scenes photographs.

Apr 13, 2018  · Varese Sarabande has announced a limited-edition box set for the anthology series Jim Henson’s The Storyteller. The 3-CD set features selections of the original music from the show and its spinoff series Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Greek Myths composed by Academy Award winner Rachel Portman (Emma, The Cider House Rules, Chocolat, The Manchurian Candidate, A Dog’s.

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