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Riaz, a well-known progressive Urdu writer, poet, human rights activist and feminist, worked with Radio Pakistan and BBC Urdu service (Radio), the report said. Her Urdu publication Awaz grabbed the.

A rare literary legend whose work transcends time, Mirza Ghalib continues to have more than a foothold in modern times December 27 marks the 221st birth anniversary of legendary Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib.

In 1936, Munshi Premchand made a seminal speech, Sahitya ka Uddeshya (‘The Aim of Literature’), to the Progressive Writers’ Association. While asserting that literature is meant to critique society,

Seat of Mughal grandeur and fulcrum of creativity, Delhi provided the perfect clime for the nourishment of Urdu/Persian poetry. That’s why Ghalib, Mir, Momin, Zauq, Daagh, Sauda, to name but a few,

Hyderabad: Urdu poetry is now richer by a new genre, Triveni. The credit goes to filmmaker and lyricist Gulzar. A poetic unit of three verses, Triveni packs a punch in the last line by turning around.

A forgotten grave in Hyderabad is the resting place of Daagh Dehlvi, the last prominent poet of what is known as the Delhi school of Urdu verse There is a dilapidated gravestone in the bustling.

Qadian, known for the Ahmadiya community and the Sikh National College, recognises Bhagwan Singh as a man of letters, someone the lovers of Urdu poetry would turn to for knowing the true meaning of a.

Kaifi Azmi’s literary legacy remains a bright star in the firmament of Urdu poetry and Rakhshanda Jalil’s upcoming Kaifiyat is billed as a stunning new translation of his most exquisite poems, also.

A singular aspect of Kaifi Azmi, the doyen of Urdu poetry, was his indifference towards material things. Pakistan, the U.S. and the U.K., are a documentary film, Kaifinaama; Shabana and Akhtar’s.

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I sent an application to the UGC for approval of my proposed thesis in Urdu: ‘Sukhan-e-Firaq mein humjinsi anasir’ (Homosexual elements in Firaq’s poetry). I didn’t even get a reply. I then started.

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His love for poetry found an outlet with the Poetrification project with actor Denzil Smith, and he also went on to establish his own theatre company, Hoshruba Repertory, under which he produced plays.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmed Faraz, Iftikhar Arif and late Munir Niazi are some of the greatest names in modern Urdu poetry, each having his own distinct voice. The first two, no more now, are acknowledged.

This was followed by students reading out poems in Urdu, Arabic and English. Matwaala is going transatlantic for the first time this year with the participation of the U.K. diaspora and a poetry.

With well-known poets like Surendra Sharma, Dr Vishnu Saxena, Dr Sudhir Bhola, Surendra Dubey and Sanjay Jhala presenting some hard-hitting poems, narrated in their distinct styles, the poetry lovers.

Back in the 1960s-70s, Yusuf Dehlvi’s Shama was a very popular Urdu film magazine which published a myriad articles and poetry from sought after littérateurs such as Krishan Chander, Sajjad Zaheer,